All Creatures Welcome
Gemeinsam mit der Filmemacherin tauchen wir in ein dokumentarisches Abenteuerspiel ein und erforschen wie die Hacker*innenkultur den Herausforderungen unserer Zeit begegnet. Regierungsweisen, Wirtschaftsformen ... - [more]

Anote’s Ark
What happens when your home is swallowed by the sea? With the harsh realities of climate change looming, the low-lying Pacific nation Kiribati must find a solution for the survival of its people. With sweeping cinematography, Anote's Ark ... - [more]

Blue takes us on a fascinating journey into the ocean realm, witnessing a critical moment in time when the marine world is on a precipice. Featuring passionate advocates for ocean preservation, Blue shows us their world, where the story of ... - [more]

Blue Heart
Der Balkan, das „Blaue Herz Europas“, ist die Heimat der letzten natürlichen Flussläufe unseres Kontinents. Doch nun sind sie vom Goldrausch der Wasserkraft bedroht. Mehr als 3.000 neue Staudämme und Wasserumleitungen ... - [more]

Boys Who Like Girls
Teenager Ved comes from a violent home in the Mumbai slums. When he joins a project aiming to foster healthy masculinity, he begins to realize there may be a brighter path for his future than the one paved by his abusive, controlling father ... - [more]

Chasing The Thunder
Emmy-nominee Mark Benjamin’s action-packed real-life crime drama takes us on a thrilling high seas adventure as the crews of two Sea Shepherd vessels sail over 10,000 miles in a mammoth effort to shut down the Thunder, the most notorious ... - [more]

Das Wunder von Mals
Wir befinden uns im Jahr 2015. Ganz Südtirol wird von Monokulturen überrollt und in Pestizid-Wolken gehüllt … Ganz Südtirol? Nein! Ein von unbeugsamen Vinschger*innen bewohntes Dorf kämpft mit einem Feuerwerk der Ideen ... - [more]

Dirt Rich
This illuminating new film shifts focus from greenhouse gas emissions to carbon draw down, the only viable solution for reversing the effects of global warming in a timely manner. Through exploration of geo-therapy strategies ... - [more]

Earthrise tells the story of the first image captured of the Earth from space in 1968. Told solely by the Apollo 8 astronauts, the film recounts their experiences and memories and explores the beauty, awe, and grandeur of the Earth against ... - [more]

Elephant Path
Against a backdrop of luminous natural beauty, pierced by human violence, a Bayaka tracker, a Bantu eco-guard and a US biologist, form an unlikely alliance. As their lives converge on the paths of the last wild herd of forest elephants ... - [more]

Filmmaker Ed eats milk, and cheese, and ... animals. He wears leather shoes and woolen jumpers. When an animal rights organization asks him to make a documentary about the impacts of humans on the animal world, Ed realizes that ... - [more]

Greek Diary
This documentary-essayistic road movie by the Graz director Heinz Trenczak accompanies private helpers in Serbian and Greek refugee camps. We get to know some of those seeking protection. We hear about their reasons for flight, the endless ... - [more]

Oscar-nominated director Brett Morgen uses a trove of never-before-seen footage unearthed after 50 years from the National Geographic archives to shed fresh light on trailblazing conservationist Jane Goodall. Morgen, described by ... - [more]

Keepers of the Future
In a fertile floodplain in El Salvador, where the great river meets the sea, a peasant movement puts down roots - growing resilience in the scorched earth of exile and war. But soon these farmers and fishing folk discover new challenges, and ... - [more]

A poem for the planet, Metamorphosis takes the pulse of our Earth and bears witness to a moment of profound change: the loss of one world, and the birth of another. Through a tidal flow of stunning images, it carves a path from present to ... - [more]

Liberian activist Silas Siakor is a tireless crusader against illegal logging. He’s watched multinational corporations wreak havoc on the environment by enriching themselves and impoverishing the local population. This kind of ... - [more]

Die lesbische Rapperin Silvana Imam schreit in ein Megaphon und hunderte von Händen schießen in die Höhe. Ihre rohen Reime handeln von Sexualität, Politik und ihren persönlichen Erfahrungen mit Diskriminierung und Rassismus. Mit ... - [more]

The Guardians
Emmy-nominee Ben Crosbie and Tessa Moran present a visually dazzling meditation on the delicate balance between human and nature. They elegantly interweave the lives of the iconic monarch butterfly with an indigenous ... - [more]

The New Children of Golzow
The village of Golzow is facing a shortage of young people, just like all of the rural regions in the former East Germany. However, the local mayor has a plan: he wants to provide new occupants for school desks by welcoming Syrian families ... - [more]

The Reluctant Radical
Ken Ward confronts his fears and puts himself in the direct path of the fossil fuel industry to combat climate change. Engaging in daring acts of civil disobedience he breaks the law as a last resort, to fulfill what he sees as his personal duty to ... - [more]

Türkei – Ringen um Demokratie
Imre Azems aktueller Film ist die erste Doku, die aus inner-türkischer Perspektive davon erzählt, was es in der Türkei bedeutet, Teil der Opposition zu sein. Azem begleitet ein Jahr lang vier Protagonist*innen in einer Türkei im Ausnahmezustand ... - [more]

What Is Democracy?
Coming at a moment of profound political and social crisis, What Is Democracy? reflects on a word we too often take for granted. Director Astra Taylor’s journey spans millennia and continents: from ancient Athens to capitalism’s roots in ... - [more]