CROSSROADSFestival for Documentary Film and Discourse


Crossroads warmly invites you to engage with current social, ecological, economic and political developments. As the global socio-ecological crisis intensifies (think climate change, peak everything, economic and social disintegration, etc.) and governments fail to bring about the transformations we need, our program focuses on the courageous people and inspiring movements and initiatives who fight for social justice and for the preservation of our natural means of livelihood worldwide.

A selection of award-winning films offers the audience intimate insight into personal and collective efforts to make the world a better place. Impressive stories about the most important issues of our times are told with arresting images. The festival’s aim is not only to raise awareness, but also to empower people to get active and join the struggle for a sustainable future in which everybody is able to live well.

Crossroads brings films to Austria/Europe which, despite their great quality and relevance, in many cases wouldn’t reach the local audience otherwise. As a result our program includes a high number of Austrian or even European premieres. Many screenings are followed by q&a sessions and debates with filmmakers, protagonists, activists and critical thinkers to deepen the engagement with the issues covered in the films. Additional talks, panel discussions, teach-ins and workshops complete our program.

Tickets / Financing: Crossroads wants EVERYBODY to be able to watch the films and attend the events! Therefore we won’t sell tickets or set fixed prices. Nevertheless we’re heavily relying on your support to finance the festival. So please contribute as much as you can! Recommendation: Feature film: € 6 Short film / talk / discussion / workshop: € 4 Whole day: € 14 Whole festival (11 days): € 140. Please don’t feel bad if you can’t contribute any money. You’re just as welcome as everybody else!

Host: Crossroads – Verein für Dokumentarfilm und Diskurs / ZVR: 1312256829

Founder and head curator: Josef Obermoser
Production: Johannes Schwarz
Design: Florian Sorgo
Website: Peter Wetz

And supported by many other good people! Thanks so much!

Venue: FORUM STADTPARK Stadtpark 1, 8010 Graz, Austria

FORUM STADTPARK is a place of production and presentation for contemporary art and socio-political discourse. This house, which is organized as an artists association, stands for a expanded definition of art and for an intersectional work in the areas Architecture, Literature, Fine Arts, Film, Music, Theatre, Performance, Discourse and Politics. Being a laboratory and a platform for numerous scenes of the Austrian and international cultural production is the claim of this house. 

FORUM STADTPARK was created in 1959 among others by Othmar Carli, Gustav Zankl, Siegfried Neuburg, Emil Breisach and Günter Waldorf. They adapted the empty „Stadtpark Cafe“ for artistic events. Therefore the name FORUM STADTPARK describes the action group as well as the place with the address Stadtpark 1. Today about 150 events take place every year in FORUM STADTPARK – the bigger part with free entrance. Besides the house is accessible barrier-free, uses Open Source Software, is powered by green electricity and is smoke-free. — Größere Karte anzeigen