Crossroads warmly invites you to engage with current social, ecological, economic and political developments. As the global socio-ecological crisis intensifies and governments fail to bring about the transformations we need, our program focuses on the courageous people and inspiring movements fighting for social justice, peace, and a liveable future for everybody on this tiny blue plante we call our home.

A selection of award-winning films offers the audience intimate insight into personal and collective efforts to make the world a better place. Impressive stories about the most important issues of our times are told with arresting images. The festival’s aim is not only to raise awareness, but also to empower people to get active and join struggles for positive change.

Many screenings are followed by q&a sessions and debates with filmmakers, subjects, activists and critical thinkers. Additional talks, panel discussions, teach-ins and workshops complete our program.

Free Entry! Donations very welcome!

Festival topics:
Harvesting Hope (25.5. + 2.-4.6.)
Feminism for Everybody (26.-27.5.)
People Power (28.5.)
Earth Defenders (30.-31.5.)
Animals < > Humans (1.6.)