Six Angry Women

Austrian premiere!

NZ, 2021, 90 min, English OV
Regie: Megan Jones

18. Juni
Heimatsaal im Volkskundemuseum
Paulustorgasse 13a, 1. Stock

mit f*Streik Graz und AG Feministischer Streik Wien über Strategien gegen sexualisierte Gewalt und feministische Aktionsformen


Six Angry Women explores one of the most audacious feminist actions of all time.

In 1984, six womxn kidnapped an Auckland University lecturer, beat him up, and chained him to a tree. The event sparked debates about gender politics and vigilante justice that divided New Zealand and led to social change. But the identities of the six womxn and why they attacked the man remained a mystery. Three decades after the attack, director Megan Jones reopens the cold-case and tries to find out not only who the womxn were, but what drove them to take such unprecedented action.

"compelling" - The Listener

"a unique film." - Sundance

"...gosh, not much has changed in terms of the prosecution of rape charges, has it?" - The Daily Blog

"...the chances of a rape case getting through to the offender being convicted are even more remote now than they actually were." - Jan Jordan

Audience Award - Best Documentary at Cannes Independent Film Festival 2021, Best Feature at MujerDOC, Best Producer, Sydney International Film Festival 2021