Reflection: A Walk with Water

Austrian premiere!

US, 2021, 80 min, English OV
Regie: Emmett Brennan

14. Juni
Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz
Hörsaal 15.03, Resowi-Zentrum, Universitätsstraße 15, Erdgeschoß

mit Romana Ull (Naturschutzbund Steiermark) über Ideen zur Transformation von Graz zur sozial-ökologischen Zukunftsstadt

Dokuabende Graz


The conditions that make life possible are rapidly changing. Reckoning with this reality on the cusp of another dry season that may very well ravage his community, 30-year old filmmaker Emmett Brennan embarks on a remarkable journey to find stories of hope and healing. Emmett sets out to walk 200 miles next to the iconic but aging Los Angeles aqueduct, where he encounters ecological iconoclasts, indigenous voices, and permaculture designers who are challenging the status quo on how we use Earth’s most precious resource. The film delves into a profound and far reaching look at our relationship with water and offers a vision for how to radically redesign our lives around it.

Reflection: A Walk with Water takes a refreshing approach to confronting our current environmental and systematic troubles, showing how LA and other parts of California are bellwethers for change. The film features original music from multiple Grammy winner, Jacob Collier, who is Executive Music Producer of the film. With voices and stories that speak to today’s younger generations, Reflection is both a personal meditation on water as well as a practical road map for positive change.

“...fascinating and beautifully filmed documentary...As more people care and become engaged, there is reason for hope. A solid and inspiring case has been made and there is much food for thought.The people interviewed are inspiring and meaningfully engaged in their various choices about how to be responsible for their habitat - to be stewards of the earth.” - Musé Magazine

“Reflection proposes the need to rethink the way we choose to inhabit the planet and to revitalise our relationship with water.” - Pop Matters

“Must see. ...should be screened through every internet portal, at every bus stop, on every subway line, and in every government office, school, university and bar.” - Framework Now